Greenpoint Brands, Organic Plush Toys
Miyim and MyNatural for BabyDisney and Dr.Suess
In the very competitive baby toy market, Greenpoint Brands was looking to differentiate itself from its competitors. They choose to focus on being environmentally-safe and completely rethink their packaging.
Jessica's Role - Packaging Design
Jessica was brought on to redesign the new packaging for licensed brands MyNatural and Miyim. Jessica started by reevaluating the entire product line. She minimized packing sizes, reduced the number of dies, and unified product box dimensions to prevent excess waste for the full line of products. In addition, she helped redesign their products to pronounce safe, eco-friendly, and organic visually, using craft paper and soy-based inks, while keeping printing and production costs low and retail shelves looking consistent. In a marketplace full of white boxes and high contrast, this gave Greenpoint Brands the edge in a newly created market.
Team: Greenpoint Brands

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