Yayla Farms, Dried Fruits - Branding & Package Design
Turkish Yayla Farms was ready to launch their all-natural and organic dried apricots and figs to the United States. All they needed was a logo and package design targeted toward the American food market.
Jessica's Role - Logo and Package Design
Jessica found it essential to pronounce how Yayla Farms fruits were grown and dried under the Mediterranean sun to amplify the brand's uniqueness. Jessica worked collaboratively to complete concepts, sketches, and designs throughout the project, staying on target to celebrate the process of sun-drying to the American audience.
Project Scope
Logo Design / Packaging Design
Collaborated Team: Aisle 9 Group
Yayla Farm's unique farming method to harvest fresh fruits, then dry them under the beautiful Mediterranean sunshine, was the idea behind these logo designs - embodying the sun and rolling hills of the orchard in Turkey.
Intermediate package designs concepts (below)
Final Packaging Design (below)

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