Deep Desert - Cannabis-Infused Premium Crafted Beverage
Deep Desert is the new infusion — a premium, non-alcoholic, THC mixer formulated for optimizing our senses. Welcome to the desert oasis, hop into your authentic self. Enjoy Deep Desert Spark (red) when you’re ready to wake up the mind, free the spirit, and boost your energy. Savor Deep Desert Chill (blue) to calm the body and mind for a serene vibe when you want to connect with the here and now. 
Brand Concept
Deep Desert is crafted in the celebration of freedom, enlightenment, and connection — the very things that seekers have often found in the mystical desert landscape. Sip and bask in the deep connection with nature. Infuse your spirit and experience the Deep Desert. 
Jessica's Role - Branding & Identity
The goal was to bring the beverage's THC effects to the forefront and embody the desert concept. Jessica's jack rabbit logo idea, a symbol of positive changes coming into life, became the focal point to the design and brand. Jessica and her team then wrapped the bottle's entire surface with an audacious dune landscape to bring the brand into the spirited, deep desert lifestyle. 
Project Scope
Logo / Packaging / Landing Page
Team: AgencySacks

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