Brookfield Place - Brand Promotional Campaign
Brookfield Place, is a complex of luxury stores and restaurants located across from lower Manhattan's World Trade Center site. As a cardinal entity for New York's New Downtown, Brookfield Place helped revitalize the area. But unlike Midtown shopping and dining which draws countless tourists, Brookfield Place would thrive only if it truly became part of the local community. ​​​​​​​
Project Goals
Designate Brookfield Place as “Our Place,” the name of the lively campaign, presenting its luxury retail, fine dining, and cultural experiences to the community that encouraged neighbors to make it their go-to spot after work and on weekends.​​​​​​​
Jessica's Role
Create eye-catching environmental designs for storefronts, OOH, NYC taxi tops, and Union Square subway takeover.
Project Scope
Store Fronts and Mall Exterior Windows / Taxi Tops / Subway Domination / Bus Shelters & Newsstands / OOH / Advertising
Team: AgencySacks

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